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Measuring & Estimating

We provide a free local measuring and estimating service.  If you know the product you require just click here to let us know your requirements and we'll give you a quote.

If you have any questions regarding measuring, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Measuring your own room  

Measure the maximum length (2) and width (1) at the rooms' widest points. (Make sure to measure into the doorframe.  It is important  to allow enough carpet to be fitted under the door threshold ).

If the room is not a regular shape measure the size of any indentations e.g. Fireplace, Alcoves (3) (4) & (5). This is important so that all waste can be utilised ultimately reducing the cost.

When measuring a hallway, stairs and a landing you will need to take additional measurements. You should start by measuring the length and width of the hallway as you can see from the plan to the right. Count how many steps you have and measure the width, the tread (flat) and the riser (up).   Also measure the lengths and widths of any half landings or wider steps.

We will be able to organize a measure for you but it is helpful to have your room dimensions with you when looking at carpet. Drawing out your room with the dimensions on will help when planning your budget and allow you to buy the best quality carpet you can afford.

This will also help when planning the most economical way to use the carpet widths available.

Flat Areas

Hall, Stairs & Landing

This is only a guide for your own estimation
If you would like any further advice about how to measure you room accurately please do no hesitate to contact us (01924) 374850